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Just a update to my first assignment “People” currently writing down any possible idea that I could use for my presentation. I appear to be struggling as the brief is left so open, although I feel I am making more progress since the first look at the brief. Advertisements

New Assignment


Here is the brief for my first assignment “People.” I will asses this brief and post my ideas in the next post. Brief: Identify a (i)‘community’ and then identify a (ii) ‘need or desire’ that this community shares. How can you satisfy this need or desire through (iii ) designed technology? A ‘community’ could be […]



Hello, this is the blog of Robert J Carvill, here you will find posts that consist of my University research, work, ideas and basically anything that I feel I would like to share with readers who have taken the time to read my blog.At the moment this page looks bland and boring but soon will […]