New Assignment


Here is the brief for my first assignment “People.” I will asses this brief and post my ideas in the next post.


Identify a (i)‘community’ and then identify a (ii) ‘need or desire’ that this community shares. How can you satisfy this need or desire through (iii ) designed technology?

A ‘community’ could be a community you have a relationship with or a community that you are interested in for example, school friends, priests, fishermen, online gamblers or any group of people that consider themselves to be a community. This gives you an opportunity to question/analyse

A ‘need or desire’ could be something that satisfies an aspiration that could help this community to achieve something or it could be a day dream wish.

A ‘designed technology’ is ???

A blog of reflexive practice

A presentation with a 600-1000 words supporting text. (This text is to support the developed work.)

A practical outcome that demonstrates a design of a product or system

(This could be in the form of a prototype)


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