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Watching the gadget show this week they reviewed a unique form of headphones developed from a previous method used to help people with listening and eardrum problems. This method allows them to hear sound from vibration conducted through their skull directly to the cochlea, these can also be waterproof. Regarding my WIMAX waterproof headset idea […]



Affordance The machine is built up of quite a few different materials as stated below, but over all the game is built very strong and durable and shows no signs that it could be damaged without the use of excessive force. Wood to give the impression of the basketball court floor. Metal hoop fastened tightly […]



Affordance The treasure chest puzzle consists of many different materials fastened together to make the chest durable and very sturdy. It also has strong hinges possibly made of stainless steel. These hinges were composed not to allow the chest lid to slam shut but to slowly close and clamp back into place without the rist […]

I5 Ideas!


After my tutorial with Stuart things have began to make more sense and the assignment doesn’t seam so daunting. Here in this post I am going to document 15 possible ideas that I could use as the final outcome in my “People” assignment. Skateboard Code Lock/Alarm WIMAX Waterproof Surf Headset Wrist waterproof audio receiver Digital […]