The machine is built up of quite a few different materials as stated below, but over all the game is built very strong and durable and shows no signs that it could be damaged without the use of excessive force.

  • Wood to give the impression of the basketball court floor.
  • Metal hoop fastened tightly with thick metal bolts.
  • Rope entwined with hoop.
  • Plastic for the backboard, again very strong.
  • Metal painted wire to form a cage.

Classification of everyday constraints

Cultural Constraints

  • To put money in the coin slot to begin the game.
  • To copy the techniques of the popular sport and put the basketball in the basketball hoop.

Physical Constraints

  • The player must physically pick up a ball and throw it through the basketball hoop directly in front of the player, there is no need for the player to change position from where they are standing as the balls return to the same position.

Logical Constraints

  • The userbility of the game is very logical, it has a very simple and straight forward logic which is to increase score points on the score board throw the basketball in the basketball hoop.


  • Multiplayer button which can be used to involve 1 – 4 players in the game just using the one machine, if it is just one user playing the game this button will not be used at all.
  • Select button which will again only be used if the game involves more than one person, if this is the case then it simply allows the players to switch between scores.
  • Start button which is quite self explanatory, this starts the game once the money has been inserted and the players have been set up.
  • A small area at waist height directly in-front of the user is where the balls are released once the money is inserted, each time the user shoots the balls roll back into the same position to prepare the user for their next shot.

Attention (Visibility)

  • The start button flashes
  • The balls are released and roll to waist height to begin the game.
  • The net area lights up.


  • The time on a countdown LCD screen decreases from 40 seconds once the first goal is scored.
  • Music begins to play also when the first goal is scored.
  • Another LCD screen gives a score.
  • If a high score is achieved a blue light begins to flash above the users head.

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