The treasure chest puzzle consists of many different materials fastened together to make the chest durable and very sturdy. It also has strong hinges possibly made of stainless steel. These hinges were composed not to allow the chest lid to slam shut but to slowly close and clamp back into place without the rist of children or adults for that matter to jam or hurt their fingers.

  • Wood for the lid  and chest sides.
  • Plastic for the interior and to case the treasure to avoid users removing.
  • Metal (Stainless Steel, Copper) to structure the chest and make it sturdy.
  • Magnets used to disable the chest lock.
  • Paint for decorative purposes.

Classification of everyday constraints

Cultural Constraints

  • To attempt to open the chest with the key using the lock.
  • The physically open the treasure chest lid

Physical constraints

  • The Key will fit in the lock but will not open the chest
  • The treasure chest lid is securely locked
  • The chest cannot be moved or lifted

Logical constraints

  • The userbility of this puzzle is as puzzles are meant to be, misleading. The cultural constraints that we have learnt in our everyday life is completely used against us for this task. The logic we no behind a key and lock which is that key when inserted into the lock and twisted that the lock is opened, this isnt the case in this puzzle which confuses the user straight away so this shows that this puzzle is aimed at a small problem solving audience.


  • Key
  • Lock
  • Wooden Keyring

Attention (Visablitly)

  • There is very little attention with this puzzle, the instructions are very bare as they are supposed to give as little attention as possible.


  • Once the wooden block is held next to the lock the lid can be opened
  • There is a small clunk which indicates that the wooden block has achieved something. (This could of been possibly unintentional)

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