Bone Conduction Headphones!


Watching the gadget show this week they reviewed a unique form of headphones developed from a previous method used to help people with listening and eardrum problems. This method allows them to hear sound from vibration conducted through their skull directly to the cochlea, these can also be waterproof.

Regarding my WIMAX waterproof headset idea I feel this form of technology is definitely something to consider, not just for the waterproof factor but many possible safety issues for example;

  • The BC headphones allow the user to hear the surroundings as-well as the music, because the ear is not blocked this could help prevent possible danger i.e an oncoming collision with another surfer.
  • According to traditional ear bud earphones could prove to damage your eardrum if used extensively, where as the BC headphones pose no threat to your ear drum.
  • If a surfer is constantly dunking under the water (such as duck diving) a traditional earbud would allow a small amount of water in and possibly trap a small amount behind the bud, therefore providing the user discomfort where as the BC headphones do not cover the ears and allow water in and out as if the user wasn’t wearing headphones at all.

Here is a simple video explaining how they work.


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