Digital Culture


How can surfers enjoy the freedom to surf and listen to their online music library without the fear of potentially damaging their portable audio devices with waterproof housing? This can be solved by integrating WIMAX into a new form of headphones known as “Bone Conduction Headphones” these were developed from a previous method used to help people with listening and eardrum problems. This method allows them to hear sound from vibration conducted through their skull directly to the cochlea. Although as surfing requires being in the sea the headphones will need to be completely water resistant, “Golden Shellback” have developed a technique called  “Splashproof” which is a spray coating that is applied to a device, this adds a thin layer of transparent water proof material. The target audience is for surfers or water sport enthusiasts, frequent Internet users and online music listeners. A short advertisement video will be created explaining exactly what the headset is capable of, and how exactly it works. I have chosen to use a advertisement video as I feel it is a lot easier to engage the idea and concept throughout moving image and sound, giving the viewer a highly illustrated and more entertaining overview. My advertisement video will finally be embedded into a “Keynote” or “Powerpoint” presentation which I will introduce, rationalize and give a quick explanation on what exactly “WIMAX”, “Bone Conduction” and “Splashproof” is.


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