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For this assignment I will be following on with my “wetbeats” headset that I have used throughout each of my assignments. (people, process and now future). I will be taking on the role of a client being commissioned by the company Sony and undergo analysis┬ámethods such as PEST analysis┬áto help develop the concept design. As […]

Future Brief


Brief Your client, who you can assume is a community, charitable, public or business organization, has commissioned you to help identify key changes in the social, economic, cultural and technological environment and to suggest concepts for products and initiatives which can address those changes. This project may lead from previous work, but you will need […]

Wetbeats V1


My first prototype video! Hopefully the V11 will better this! Wetbeats V1 from Rob Carvill on Vimeo.

Only just uploading my google calendar screenshot! Heres a shot of mid-week!