‘Entrepreneurship & Professional Practice’ Brief



This module will require you to examine aspects of Entrepreneurship & Professional Practice utilized in New Media. Relevance: New Media can be seen as a broad based subject, encompassing multiple environments and formal disciplines (England & Finney, 2001) and (Manovich, 2000) and (Creeber, 2009). You will be required to undertake an investigation of role definitions, insomuch that you will reveal the attributes of the New Media working team. And address the question ‘who do you need to run a new media company?’ As a starting place we will examine a New Media company illustrated in the satirical television programme ‘Nathan Barley’. This will enable you to help define the roles of the composite parts to the organization and how they relate. Start to think about what staff that are needed to run/maintain a New Media organization. Examine the nuances of these roles in relation to each other and in relation to creating work. You may well find that your findings from previous work conducted in your ‘Process’ module will assist you in these definitions, in particular the work of England & Finney, in relation to managing Multimedia.


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